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As Easy As...

Front Desk Dashboard

Fast and easy data entry for appointments, charges and payments with 1-2 clicks.

Billing Dashboard

Automated real time ledgers and reports provide your practice with efficient claims and payment processing.

Doctor Dashboard

Easy to use point and click consultation and exam screens provide you fast entry of comprehensive clinical information.


Product Features

What Makes PROFILEDELUXE Better Then The Rest?

PROFILEDELUXE is an integrated practice management and EMR solution which utilizes a “cloud computing” environment. We provide secured remote access from any computer with an internet connection. Our easy to use specialty specific screens and customizable templates with quick note and speech recognition solutions, provides an effortless transition to a paperless office.


The Program

PROFILEDELUXE was developed by combining the information from individual specialists and their staff and customer feedback to insure accuracy and efficiency. With our easy to navigate dashboard system, most data entry is handled on only 3 screens. Our touch screen capabilities and one click data entry improves operating efficiency by guiding you and your staff towards the next logical step in processing your patient’s visit.