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Conversion from paper records to electronic records was never easier!

Using electronic records and data storage reduces lost files and costly storage space for archiving records. Even recalling a returning patient’s file is a snap. Locating and processing requests for medical records can be done is seconds. Overall, electronic records save time and money.

Electronic medical records (EMRs) are a digital account of a patient’s medical history including: past medical history, family history, complaints, examination findings, treatment, test results and medications. The technology of EMR’s has advanced significantly over the past several years to become a sophisticated and comprehensive practice management system. Digital Data Resources has taken it one step further and created a total technology solution that provides integrity, security and flexibility of patient health records. The ultimate goal of our solution is to improve physician and practice efficiency, improve quality of care, and improve the accessibility of stored patient information.

Front Desk Dashboard:
  • Point and Click Scheduling: Our point and click scheduling screens allow flexible appointment scheduling that is fast and efficient. With our color coded procedure schedules and patient navigation systems, the office is always aware of the tasks ahead. Our solution handles multiple doctors and locations in one scheduling system.
  • Easy charge and payment data entry: Using our touch screen and point and click functionality, your staff can enter charges and payments at the point of visit.
  • Office Navigation System: Viewing the patient navigation section provides a summary, at a glance, of the status of each patient that is currently in the office. This helps to improve office flow and efficiency.
  • Real time reports: Data in our system is collected and displayed in real time, letting your staff know important information to aid in the processing of patients and claims.
  • Electronic patient charting: PROFILEDELUXE is a completely paperless office system that provides an electronic chart for each patient. Anything that your office uses to put in a paper chart can be added to the patient’s electronic chart, including documents, images, and diagnostic test results.
Billing Dashboard:
  • Quick and easy claims processing: All existing charges and claims are conveniently displayed for each patient on our billing dashboard, which allows one touch claim processing.
  • Automated ledgers: Unlike many systems that use different tabs to process claims and charges, we utilize interactive ledgers that allow immediate processing of claims and payments.
  • Flexible Fee Tables: Set individual fee tables per insurance company to make processing insurance claims a breeze. This allows enhanced flexibility for your billing system.
  • Real time financial information: Through our onscreen financial data windows, your billing staff will know the existing balances of each patient and the overall practice.
  • Interactive financial reports: With our interactive financial reports, you can customize the data displayed and drill down multiple levels to determine more detailed financial information.
Doctor Dashboard (EMR):
  • Point and click EMR entry: After extensive research and provider feedback, we design our EMR data entry screens for each specialty, making it easier to enter data in a timely manner.
  • Customizable templates for narratives and notes: Along with our point and click data entry, we use text fields to allow customization of your reports and notes. We also provide our Quick Note feature, which allows you to save custom templates that can be used with the touch of a button.
  • Quickly generate notes and reports: As you enter your data, the notes and reports are generated. These reports and notes can be edited and enhanced with our word processing system.
  • Outcome Assessment tools and tracking: Providing outcome assessment measurements is an important part of medical documentation. We provide specialty specific outcome assessment measurements to aid in your supportive documentation.
  • Detailed patient statistics: Accurate patient visit statistics is vital to improving office flow, efficiency, and quality patient care. Our detailed patient statistics are collected in real time and displayed in multiple reports.
  • Document and image storage: Our solution provides an electronic filing system to store documents, images, and diagnostic test results that are easily accessed from any computer with an internet connection.