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Stop wasting time with unnecesary paperwork & start enjoying life again!

With today’s technology, there is no reason to be burdened with hours of unnecessary paperwork, worries of post payment audits and untimely reimbursement. Get PROFILEDELUXE, it’s easy, cost-effective and fully integrated.
With PROFILEDELUXE, your reports, office notes and forms are automatically generated in seconds. Imagine a comprehensive and accurate account of your patient’s entire file at the touch of a button. With our PROFILEDELUXE screens you can view previous reports, test results, appointment information, contra-indications and even review the patients digital diagnostic studies; such as x-rays or MR right before you render your service.
This is a true paperless office system that automates your entire office and makes the patient data accessible from any computer, regardless of your location. Just imagine entering your patient’s information fast and easy, one time, and having it accessible in multiple places simultaneously.

What makes our system better?

We provide specialty specific solutions that are customizable and easy to integrate into your practice. Our “Keep It Simple” business model makes our solution easy to learn and use. With our department dash boards, real‐time statistical reporting and one touch functionality, your office efficiency and quality of care is significantly improved. Unlike many systems that have multiple hidden and extra fees, PROFILEDELUXE is an all inclusive solution with a low monthly fee.

What Makes PROFILEDELUXE so innovative?

We utilized large corporation technology to deliver a low cost and flexible data solution. PROFILEDELUXE is available as a “Cloud Computing” application with the data base and application operating on our servers in our secured, state of the art data center. This “Cloud Computing” environment provides secured remote access from any computer with an internet connection. Unlike many applications on the market, PROFILEDELUXE is platform independent and works with Windows, Mac and Linux.


Our development team has spent several years researching the best practice models and has conducted multiple interviews with different specialists and their staff to provide the most efficient solution for each specialty. We also listen to our client’s feedback and suggestions, in order to make constant changes to our solution and improve everyday operations.


No need to run reports and queries to find out how your practice is doing, your real‐time statistics are conveniently displayed on your dashboard.

Alerts and Messages

You can also set up automatic alerts that will help avoid some common practice management and billing mistakes.