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Why Convert From Paper to an EMR?

Converting from paper to an electronic medical record is one of the most intelligent business decisions that a practice can make. Although it may appear that this conversion would be costly and difficult; the long-term benefits far outweigh the inconvenience and with DDR Profile there are no up front costs. To determine whether an electronic medical record makes sense in your practice; you must look beyond the costs or inconveniences and think about improving patient care and decreasing the time spent on paperwork. DDR Profile helps practices operate more efficiently by converting their office technology into a valuable utility for less than an average monthly cable television bill.

EMR Benefits:
  • Improved Clinical Efficiency, Patient Care, and Service EMR’s provide automated data that can be shared in multiple departments of the practice.
  • Improves documentation quality (legible, organized, complete)
  • Facilitates better patient communication and improves health maintenance
  • Improves medication management and safety
  • Enhances efficiency of Charting (Allows simultaneous access and data entry)
  • Improves security
Reduce Costs
  • Reduces transcription costs
  • Lowers labor costs
  • Reduces internal/external copying expenses
  • Increases office space (No file storage)
  • Reduces the Risk of HIPPA Violation Fines
  • Can reduce malpractice premiums of certain carriers
Improved Revenue
  • Improves the completeness of documentation
  • Improves coding accuracy
  • Increasing the number of services offered
  • Boosts the number of visits per day
  • Reduces Payroll
  • Enhances Office Efficiency
  • Reduces chart pulls and less filing
  • Allows universal access to the chart (by more than one person at a time)
  • Eliminates time spent searching for lost charts
  • Reduces phone tag with patients
  • Improves internal office communication
  • Improves compliance with chart requests and chart audits
Economic Stimulus Reimbursement:

The American Recovery & Reinvestment Act was signed into law on February 17, 2009.

  • Government Reimbursement
  • Meaningful use of a Certified EHR
  • Up to $44, 000 per physician over 5 years

With the passing of new federal regulations, the move to a paperless office is inevitable. Embracing this change as a positive move toward increasing revenue and improving the quality of patient care, should be the goal of every care giver. Digital Data Resources is a company dedicated to making this transition from paper to electronic affordable and painless. Our solution can help practitioners convert patient data gradually over time and without any large upfront investment. The electronic medical record is a powerful tool for improving the way you practice.


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